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Welcome to aws_console_url_search Documentation#

aws_console_url_search (acs) is a cross-platform CLI tool for lightning-fast AWS Console URL opener. Say goodbye to hunting through tabs or bookmarks—acs instantly locates and opens your desired AWS Console URL in your default browser. It’s not just fast; it’s blazingly fast! With pinpoint accuracy and interactive features, acs redefines your AWS Console experience.



aws_console_url_search is released on PyPI, so all you need is:

$ pip install aws_console_url_search

To upgrade to latest version:

$ pip install --upgrade aws_console_url_search

Then you can type acs CLI command to enter the interactive UI:

$ acs

Usage - Search AWS Service or Menu URL#

$ acs
[Query (region = None)]: <--- type your query here
[x] 🌟 🪣 s3 (None)
      Store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere
[ ] 🌟 👤 iam (None)
      Manage User Access and Encryption Keys
[ ] 🌟 🖥 ec2 (None)
      Virtual Servers in the Cloud
[ ] 🌟 🌐 vpc (None)
      Isolated Cloud Resources
[ ] 🌟 dynamodb (None)
      Managed NoSQL Database

Usage - Switch AWS Region#

$ acs
(AWS Region Query): !@ <--- type your aws region query here
[x] no region | Auto decide based on your AWS Console history
      Hit Enter set region and return to search
[ ] us-east-1 | US East (N. Virginia)
      Hit Enter set region and return to search
[ ] us-east-2 | US East (Ohio)
      Hit Enter set region and return to search
[ ] us-west-1 | US West (N. California)
      Hit Enter set region and return to search
[ ] us-west-2 | US West (Oregon)
      Hit Enter set region and return to search

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